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Our family LOVE, LOVE, LOVES Reflo cups!!! I purchased my first cup for my 5-year-old special needs son. He has taken to it SO well and makes him feel like a big boy!! My sister then bought a cup for my 1-year-old nephew. He was instantly drawn to it as well. They really enjoy drinking out of their cups together!! Thank you so much for a simple yet amazing product!!

Lisa H

I just wanted to send some feedback to let you know how much I love your cups! I have an almost 5 year old son with special needs. He has low strength and dexterity in his hands and fingers due to Spina Bifida. He has struggled to make the transition to an open cup because it was hard for him to lift the cup while regulating the flow. He was using sippy cups until last week when we received our Reflo cups. He was hesitant to try it, but now he is confident and drinks from it without problems! I'm so glad to finally have him off sippy cups, especially when we are out in public or when he is with other children who aren't using them.

Nicole K., WI

I purchased a 4 color assortment pack of the Reflo cups. We received the cups and began using them right away with my then 20-month old daughter. They were a hit! She was always asking to use our cups at meals but had trouble with the flow-control. Now she can feel like a big girl and not make a big mess!

Heather H., TX

Hi! My first daughter is 17 months old and I have recently discovered your cup solution... and let me tell you I AM IMPRESSED!!!! I have worked in the daycare field for over 12 years and have had several children with special needs in the sensory motor development area and I have to say this is an AMAZING product! I have ordered a set with a friend of mine and have talked you up to ALL my facebook friends and parents of the children in my care ... the next step for me is to actually show them to people so they can see them in action!! :) you have created a solution worth YELLING about and you should be proud!!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS PRODUCT WITH US!!!!!!!!!! I hope to use this for EVERY child in the future! WAY TO GO!!!

Amanda B., SD

I love these cups! A friend of mine who is a speech therapist recommended these cups to me for my son. He figured out how to use it right away! My son has been using them on his own since he was five months. Now, he drinks from cups just like his parents. The price is comparable to your typical sippy cup without the issues associated with those cups. You can also use these cups without the inserts so they are really two cups in one.

Becky D., TX

I purchased your cups and my 18 month old uses it very well! I was just looking on the Internet looking at baby stuff and came across your website. I didn't know what it was until I saw the demo and it clicked. I was recently struggling with my 18 month old with drinking. She'd have her sippy cup but would not drink from it; instead, she'd point at my cup and fuss. My cups are not see through and it's hard to tell how fast it will come out and exactly where the liquid is in the cup. We usually have spills and I remind myself, again, I shouldn't do that since I end up with a mess to clean up. So I ordered four of the cups and it hit the spot for my daughter-she loves them!! She uses the cups so well, I'm amazed! There was only one time she had the edge of the cup UNDER her bottom lip, resulting in a spill down her chest...BUT after that, I could tell she was much more careful because it hasn't happened since. Instead of quickly tilting the cup, she now slowly tilts it towards her mouth and does a much better job.

You did forget one "Pro/ Good selling point" about this cup.

Since I introduced her to sippy cups, I've used the brand, "Take & Toss" (popular amongst many moms), plastic cups with a spout. She started the bite on the spout causing the liquid to come out very slowly or not at all. I noticed the spout on her cups had an indent from her biting it but noticed it one night as we were eating dinner-she was drinking but her cup never went down in volume. So I tried to drink from it and learned, she had bit it to where it had closed off/ she wasn't getting any liquid. So I threw it and other ones awawy that had the same problem. Then I bought another 3 pack. She bit them too and I threw another one away and she had already began to ruin the others but were still able to be used. With this cup there is no biting, she cannot close off her access to her drink.

Love this cup!! I'm telling all my friends that are or will be going through this stage with her friends!!!!

Ginnie G., IN

I purchased one of these at the baby expo for my elderly mother. She wants to drink out of nothing else now. It is perfect - it allows her to drink from a "regular" glass without using a straw and with no spillage. Great idea!

Debbie M., OH

My 9-month-old daughter loves her Reflo cup! She has been drinking from cup rims with our assistance since five months old, but she wants to do it herself. I don't like sippy cups for several reasons, and there is NOTHING else on the market that utilizes a real cup rim that the baby can do him/herself. Thank you!

Anjea R ., TX

I purchased two of these cups when my daughter would not drink anything but water out of a traditional sippy cup. She also loves trying to drink out of my cup all the time. She loves these and is learning how to drink out of a traditional cup now! I am hoping she takes to them better and we can be rid of the sippy cups all together.

Stephanie H., CA

I am thrilled with the Reflo cups!!! I purchased 12 of them for my family child care to be used by children ages 18 months and up. I have not had any regrets and even the parents are asking me about me these awesome cups!!! They are well worth the money and I have since thrown away any sippy cups in my house!!! I LOVE REFLO!!!

Colleen S., Colleen's Child Care., CA

Our 3 year old daughter has some special needs and I found this special cup through a special needs website on facebook. I was very excited to see this flow controlled cup, as we were trying to get our daughter to transition over to drinking from a sippy cup. She was able to understand the concept of drinking slowly and tipping it gently with this cup which is great. She struggles from cerebral palsy and sometimes her muscles seem to force her to be aggressive in tipping too much, but the safety top has saved us from countless spills! We love this product.

Tricia L., NC

I'm a believer! My 2 year old's speech therapist strongly suggested ditching the sippy cups. My toddler loves his Reflo and has they have made the transition much easier. Even better, my 13 month old daughter likes them too!

Heidi K., MN

When my daughter went for her 18 month well baby visit, her doctor made noises about starting to use a regular cup. My husband and I saw some cute kids cups when we were at Target a few days later and bought them. Needless to say, we were soon the proud parents of a juice soaked toddler. I was browsing an online parenting forum and someone mentioned that they had tried the Reflo cups with senior citizens and found them to be a great product. I immediately went to the website and ordered one. It arrived the very next day and we tried it out with my daughter. At first she refused, but we put in her favorite juice and she gave it a try. Well, we still ended up with a juice soaked toddler, but it took much longer. After only a few more uses, she had the hang of it. Four months later, I just ordered some more and we'll be using them for all meals at home. This is a great product that works well, is easy to clean, and helps toddlers find their independence.

Melinda C., OH

I purchased the Reflo Cups for my 3 yr old daughter to transition her from sippy cups to regular cups. I think the cups are fantastic and in just one night she was tipping them up correctly and drinking from them like a pro! Wonderful product, I am a believer!! Not only are they making it easier to transition, but they are a very well made product. Thank You Reflo!!

Casey B., SD

Love the cups. We have a preemie who has a very difficult time with regular cups. He is four years old and was still on the sippy cup and straw cups until we received these. He can drink with no problems from these cups. Sent one to preK with him, and the teacher loved them as well. She has requested that I send these every day for him, and will recommend them to other parents as well. Thank you Reflo for making our lives easier.

Rhonda R., FL

I purchased two Reflo cups recently and my daughter LOVES them. She feels like a 'big girl' drinking from them, and I don't have to worry about huge spills everywhere. Most of the time, she can pick it up before anything even drips out. They are convenient, small and I like not having to wash a bunch of pieces. These cups are FANTASTIC! Thanks for creating such an awesome, well designed product!

Heather P., FL

I just got my first two Reflo training cups in the mail today and couldn’t be more excited. My low muscle tone, ex-preemie, feeding disorder, g-tube fed twins love them! I would love to get my paws on another set of these cups, since it’s likely we’ll be using them for quite a while until the boys catch up on their feeding delays. The Reflo training cups are the perfect cups to transition from the small pink half cut open flexi cup that only holds 2 to 3 oz. I’m so excited to show the feeding therapists the boys work with about this new cup.

Laura M., MD

I ordered a couple for my daughter's stocking, and they have gone over great! She actually asks for her "big girl cup" and prefers it over the kind with the straw.

I like that she is learning how to tilt her head and manage a cup (vs. just holding the straw up to her mouth), and the way the little insert slows the flow of the water is both helpful for her to learn, and a little bit forgiving for spills. If you knock it over it still spills, but at a slow enough rate that with quick mommy reflexes you only end up a couple of drops spilled vs. the whole cup all over the place. Highly recommend!

One more thing, if you do try them - I found the easiest way to remove the insert is to turn the cup upside down and give it a sharp downward tap on the edge of the sink...

Christine V., PA

Thank-you. These are wonderful cups. We have two 18 month olds and have had a difficult time getting them to use sippy cups (they were born early and are a bit delayed). They are still taking bottles 3-4 times a day because they are still on formula due to a milk allergy so it has been a challenge. Someone sent me a link to your product so I decided to try it. First time worked with both of them. Since they were delivered last week they have been drinking out of them 3-4 times a day (juice and water). They're great! Thank-you!!

Kristi S., NJ

The kids  love  my new glasses....I told 'em to take good care of them so they'll be ready for Mimi  & Papa. asked Phalen  which glass he wanted for his OJ....said " I want the cool one".

Mike S., RI

Feedback after having them for a few days... on Saturday I was gone and Jason was home with the kids - when I got home he reported that one of the girls had left one full of apple juice on the ground and of course it got knocked over - ONE ...DROP spilled before it was picked up. Excellent!

I think I'll buy two more for the boys across the street .

Elinor J., OH